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Back Pain Chiropractor in Union, NJ

Back pain is a common ailment that everyone experiences at one time or another. For those that spend much of their day sitting in a chair, a spinal adjustment from our chiropractor at Salem Chiropractic & Rehab Center is a convenient and effective way to reduce minor back pain.

If you suffer from acute or chronic pain, you may need a more involved treatment plan from our back pain chiropractor in Union, NJ. As an expert in both chiropractic care and holistic healing methods, he provides the most comprehensive treatment of all the back pain chiropractors in Union, Hillside, Elizabeth, and Kenilworth, New Jersey.

Severe Back Pain in Union, NJ

An Accommodating and Qualified Chiropractor for Back Pain

Numerous types of injuries and conditions can cause back pain. Whether it is due to an auto accident, scoliosis, or just sitting with bad posture, many people suffer from back problems for all different reasons. The best thing you can do for a back problem is seek help from an experienced chiropractor for back pain.

We understand that every person's back pain is different and we must take an individualized approach for each patient. Our back pain chiropractor performs proven treatment methods to correct the problem that is causing you pain. We provide spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, and chiropractic massages to relieve tension and properly align the vertebrae.

If you have back pain, come in for a free consultation. You can take advantage of our special offer for new patients and receive a free exam, two X-rays, a doctor's report, and a brief massage. We can help you understand the source of your back pain and make you feel better after just one visit.

The Importance of Back Pain Chiropractors

The only way to know the extent of your back problem is to come in and receive a complete examination. For traumatic injuries to the spine and neck, sometimes surgery is the only solution. If this is true for your case, we will refer you to a surgical specialist. However, you should always see a chiropractor for back problems in addition to visiting your regular doctor. Doctors with little experience providing chiropractic treatments may recommend surgery when there are less invasive alternatives that would just be as effective and are far less risky. 

At our practice, we specialize in providing non-surgical treatments for both minor and severe back pain. We know from experience that it is better to treat patients using gentle manipulation and holistic treatments before attempting surgery.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for an examination so we can find a solution for your back pain. We proudly serve Union, Hillside, Elizabeth, and Kenilworth, New Jersey.